10 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts for The Dudeliest Dad

So it’s a week out from Father’s Day, and you obviously haven’t gotten pops a present. The hell you worried about? It’s 2017, Amazon Prime to the rescue.

Let’s not get caught up in technology, and get you some gifts your dad will be saying “look what little Joey got me!” to all his dad bro friends.

10) Amazon Dot and/or Echo

Ever heard of “internet of things”? Your dad definitely hasn’t unless he works for IBM. This gift is sick because not only is it an awesome gift, but it’s something the whole family will talk about (oOoOhh new technology). With Amazon offering the Dot, and the Echo, there’s an option for smaller and larger budgets too. You can go white or black, but white is so much more baller.


9) Literally Anything Tommy Bahama


If your dad is anything like mine, he likes fishing, boats and beer. What crushes the dad bod better than some new Tommy Bahama swag. You can’t go wrong, just add a 6 pack.


8) A New Pair of Casual Boots

You you got style, so why shouldn’t your dad? If he’s not caught up on the latest GQ trends help a brotha out. Casual boots are all the rage, and now’s a perfect time for dad to start rocking a new pair for summer. Make em’ Cole Haan for bonus points.


7) A Dope-ass Whiskey Decanter

Whether your dad’s a scotch man, or a bourbon man, you can’t go wrong with a cool new decanter.


6) A Bluetooth Speaker

It took him years to transition from a flip phone to an iPhone, but now that he’s got one there’s so many possibilities. Let him crank his Led Zeppelin or Bruce Springsteen wherever he goes. There’s a range on Amazon that vary in price to fit any budget.


5) A Drone

Ok Ok, this might be a little much for Father’s Day. But then again if you want to be the favorite child… here’s the perfect option. Not only will your pops love it, but it’ll totally piss off mom too. Win win.


4) Amazon Firestick

If he doesn’t have one yet, this gift is a no brainer. Budget friendly and packs a punch with what he can do with it.


3) A New Wallet

A standard dad gift, but the reality is it’s a gift he probably needs but doesn’t realize it. Guys get so stuck to their wallets, it takes a new one from someone else for them to toss out that ratty old one.


2) Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile

The heat is kicking in and that only means one thing – get the grills out. When dad grabs some steaks for the weekend make sure he’s got a Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile.


1) A Baller Dude Backpack

Forget the briefcase, and the messenger bag is so 2012. Get you dad a grown mans backpack.

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