11 Questions on 11-year-old Sophia Grace’s Rap Video

There are talks about 11 year old Sophia Grace’s “Best Friends” Video being the Best Rap Video of 2015… But first, someone has got to answer these questions.


If you haven’t seen already, watch above.


  1. Where is her little blonde sidekick, Rosie? This song is called Best Friends….
  2. How much money do you think she was paid by Beats & Kmart?
  3. Is she saying “dat” or “that”?
  4. Does she actually have her own clothing line?
  5. Do 11 year olds really still play with dolls & fisher price?
  6. Where do they have the money to buy all of these clothes? They are each walking out with SO MANY bags.
  7. Actually, where are these girls parents? How did they get to the Kmart?
  8. If that infinity pool is in her own backyard, I’m actually going to cry. Is it?
  9. Why is she wearing so much makeup?
  10. Why is she putting on more makeup?
  11. I really like that girls fro.

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