The 5 best memes from Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe fail

By now we have all seen or heard about the Miss Universe 2015 pageant on Sunday. Not because anyone actually gives a f*ck about beauty pageants, but because Steve Harvey is a legendary moron.  If you haven’t witnessed him accidentally announce the wrong winner, 1). Are you even a human? 2). Here you go.

As sad as it is, Steve Harvey’s flub caused the creation of the most hilarious memes. They have been floating around the internet and social media, cracking up every soul in it’s path. Here I give you the 5 best memes to come from Miss Universe 2015.

1. The Bieber


2. The Harvey


3. The Leo (Poor Leo)


4. The “Or Nah”


5. The KanyeSnip20151222_18



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