Become a Better Man With Reddit

It’s 2016, we all know what Reddit is. The million dollar question is have you used it to it’s full potential?

Reddit is a tight knit community where seemingly all viral content starts it’s journey. There is a plethora of information and people to connect with. Besides entertainment and laughs, there are a ton of small communities within Reddit, called “Subreddits,” that dive deep into specific topics that can ultimately enhance your life. Below we dive into just a few that can help any man with “guy stuff.”

Fashion & Grooming:
r/malefashionadvice – For everything male fashion related
r/wicked_edge – Shaving tips
r/beards – Everything you need to know about beards
r/frugalmalefashion – Men’s fashion, on the cheap

Personal Development:
r/GetDisciplined – Self discipline and motivational tips
r/productivity – Tips and tricks for being more productive
r/psychology – Everything pyschology
r/GetMotivated – Stuff to get you motivated
r/socialskills – Mastering social skills
r/pornfree & r/nofap – For those that are addicted to porn

Relationship Advice:
r/relationships – For asking any advice on your relationship
r/RelationshipAdvice – Help with your relationship

Health & Fitness:
r/fitness – Everything fitness
r/paleo – To learn more about the Paleo diet

Money & Career:
r/personalfinance – Personal finance advice
r/frugal – Help on keeping life’s costs down
r/jobs – Advice for people in the market for a new job
r/entrepreneur – For people operating their own business

r/malelifestyle – General male lifestyle top
r/everymanshouldknow – Things we should all know
r/lifeprotips – Pro-tips for life
r/survival – Techniques for survival
r/mechanicadvice – A place where skilled mechanics hang out
r/homeimprovement – Advice on your home improvement needs


Now go and become a better man, young Daniel-san.

That Dude

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