Betches Love Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is more than a model, DJ and actress. She is a fucking epidemic.

I’m not going to lie, the first time I saw her on Orange Is The New Black, there is a brief point where I questioned my sexuality. I mean like, holy shit am I a lesbian or does this girl just look like a prettier Justin Bieber? Then I had to know – who was this chick? As if she wasn’t already plastered all over all of my social media channels, I googled her to find out. Apparently she was semi-famous already as an Australian model/DJ.

What I learned when I googled her, other than her captivating yet tragic background story, was that the entire population of straight girls in the world had questioned their sexuality for this woman. It was actually like nothing I’ve seen before. That is what every magazine, article, tweet and post was about. Straight women everywhere totally thought they were gay for Ruby Rose. Nobody can decide if they want to be her, be with her, on her, etc etc… but everyone knew they loved her. Welp, this made me feel basic.

After seeing multiple publications on her sobriety, that led to curiosity as to what she was addicted to. Yes, I know, I’m a stalker. All women are. Deal with it. Turns out, she just has some issues with her mood and depression, and drinking/partying a lot was not helping it. I read an article where she stated her deciding factor to go sober was when she puked on Katy Perry. Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking…. Ummm was Katy Perry talking about Ruby Rose in her song “I Kissed A Girl”?!?

Did she even write that song? Idk. Let me live.

Now I’m just interested in finding out what it is about her that makes girls totally les. There are a million beautiful models with buzz cuts. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I’ll keep you posted when I do.


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