DanceSafe founder looking to make MDMA – The Movie

DanceSafe founder¬†Emanuel Sferios is seeking $100,000 on Indiegogo to finish creating his harm reduction documentary “MDMA The Movie.” Emanuel explains he has already put $25,000 into the film, but needs the extra cash to film & edit additional interview. In the crowd funding video he explains he doesn’t want to go to HBO or a big production house which would sacrifice the integrity of the film, in which he needs our help.

The drug MDMA has seen a major spike in interest the past couple years, especially amongst the EDM culture. The film looks to show every side of the drug, from a human perspective, not just the negatives. It aims to become a harm reduction asset in the EDM scene, hopefully saving lives and bring to light the importance of drug education today.

The Indiegogo campaign features a few perks if you donate, everything from a pre-release digital copy of the film to lunch with the director. Every person who donates $50 or more will have their name featured in the film credits. On the donation page you can also view some of the documentary’s interviews that have already been filmed and get a taste of the stories the movie will capture.


You can donate to the cause here: MDMA The Movie – Indiegogo

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