Dyrdek Pulls Off The Most RIDICULOUSNESS Proposal

Rob Dyrdek, professional skateboarder and television star, popped the question to his 23 year old Playboy model girlfriend, Bryiana Noelle, this past Saturday.  I give him some serious props for the stunt he pulled off. The two have been dating for less than a year but appear madly in love and totally crazy about each other.

In fact, I personally believe Dyrdek sought her out from the start. When Bryiana was first named Miss September for Playboy, she claimed Dyrdek was the first celebrity to start following her on Twitter. A month later they could be seen together on Instagram.

Dyrdek planned his own production stunt at Disney Land in preparation for the couple going to see the Aladdin show. Instead of Prince Ali riding out on an elephant, Bryiana looked up to find Rob in his place. After he got on stage and begun speaking to The Genie, Dyrdek was given three wishes. His first wish was to be a part of the Aladdin show. The second wish was to have Bryiana come up on stage with him. And I think we can all guess what the third wish was. Obviously she said yes! Who couldn’t after a stunt like that? Not to mention…. LOOK AT THIS ROCK.



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