Fall Asleep to Spotify, Pandora, iTunes with your iPhone

iPhone sleep timer

I consider myself pretty up to speed with technology, then I found out this was not new, WTF Apple? … Y U hold out on the hidden sleep timer.

iPhone Sleep Timer

The past couple years I’ve somehow conditioned myself to not be able to fall asleep without noise. Whether it’s rocking some zen vibes or leaving on stand up comedy, nobody wants to leave their phone on all night. I found I’d either be woken up mid-REM cycle by annoying ads and/or aggressive noises – OR I’d wake up to a semi drained battery from night long streaming.


Yeah, I’ve tried a few 3rd party sleep timer apps – but lets face it, those suck. I stumbled across the ‘timer’ section of the native Clock app and realized you can set a timer for when you want your music to stop playing. Seriously? Now I feel stupid. It’s 2015.

Though I felt stupid, my ‘a timer for ending Spotify playing on my phone’ wish had been granted. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Find out how below:

Step 1: Goto the “Clock” application

Step 2: Select “Timer” tab at the bottom

Step 3: Select “When Timer Ends” arrow above Start & Pause

Step 4: Scroll all the way down and select “Stop Playing”

iPhone sleep timer

This will then shut off most well-known music apps, most importantly for me, Spotify, Pandora, and the native iTunes app once the timer is up.

Sweet dreams people, sweet dreams.


That Dude

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