Game of Thrones Spoofs For The Win

Literally the worlds favorite show, Game of Thrones, returned to TV last night in its 5th season. Technically, the first four episodes of the season, considering they were released in a leak on Saturday. Over 50,000 people obtained the episodes within the first few hours of the leak. I have found that most GOT fans are die-hard, live-and-breathe GOT, dress up as Khaleesi on Halloween, straight up crazy people. I find it a little too Lord of The Rings/Harry Potter type shit for me. Although I watch the show, I don’t care for it nearly enough to learn the proper pronunciations of all of the names and cities. They are all killed off and burned down anyway, right?

Anyway, one of the best things about Game of Thrones is the numerous hilarious spoofs that are produced. Although there are many more hysterical skits, here are 3 of my recent favorites:
More recently, SNL released a promo for a new kingdom, South Centros, starring Keenan from Keenan & Kel. Honestly, this is a series I would really like to see.

Secondly, Key & Peele. I’m really not the biggest fan of Key & Peele, except for their 2 best skits about the NFL scandals and substitute teachers. However, this one really cracks me up. Something about people talking ebonics and medieval times just really works.

Now this one is great, a recreation of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. The guy playing George R.R. Martin flaunts his power to kill any character at any time, including Daenerys. The chick actually looks just like her. And his voice is just how I would imagine it sounding.


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