Is Glenn Dead or Nah?

So last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was sixty minutes of pure anxiety and teeth-grinding. This was mostly because of the death of our beloved and adorable Glenn, who was obviously “taking one for the team” at the time. His death caused mass hysteria in TWD world and fans everywhere were comparing the writers to George RR Martin from Game of Thrones. We were so emotionally attached to Glenn. We witnessed him become one the strongest characters and go on countless runs for the group, fall in love with Maggie, overcome a horrible illness in the prison and ultimately give his life to save complete strangers.

But did he actually die?

I thought we would find out last night, but of course we were diverted with a bullshit background story (not that I didn’t love Eastwood).

Here was my take on it: I heart Glenn. But Glenn’s dead. I’m sorry but there is no possible that way that he could get out of that! There was a stampede of walkers coming from both sides and he was thrown right into them. Of course I had the same thought when watching – maybe that’s not Glenn’s large intestine being ripped out. Maybe it’s the large intestine of the asshole who shot himself and Glenn is underneath him, untouched. So let’s say it was the other guy being ripped open. A herd of hungry zombies won’t get their hands or teeth into Glenn while he is down? Come ON. I love Glenn just as much as the next fan. He is a close second to Daryl in my mind and I was truly heartbroken when I saw this. But at this point, if he is alive, that just crosses the line of unrealistic (in a very realistic series, I know) to me.

So, why is everyone saying he’s alive? He was not featured on The Talking Dead after show like most characters are after they die on the show. They leave the question open to whether the guy being ripped open was Glenn or not. No blood came from Glenn’s face, as is shown in most cases in a walker attack. The theory where Glenn rolls underneath the dumpster and hides there until he can move. The fact that no one will say it for sure and that it was announced we would find out by the end of the first half of Season 6.

Then last night, many people pointed out that Steven Yeun’s name was dropped from the opening credits, which strongly hints that he is in fact dead. Okay TWD, we’re officially mindfucked. Is Glenn dead, or nah?

Until next episode..


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