How Do You Not Know What Pork Roll Is?

[tps_header]One thing you need to know before reading this post is that pork roll & Taylor Ham are interchangeable. Taylor Ham is the brand name of the goodness that is pork roll.
One hungover day at work a few months ago, I was raving about a breakfast sandwich I desperately needed. A BIG AND GREASY pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich. After going on and on to my coworkers, I soon realized that no one there knew what pork roll was. They did know, however, that the name scared them. Don’t let that name scare you.


All of these people were so close by – Long Island, Connecticut, Upstate New York. How did they NOT know what this glorious breakfast meat was? Growing up in Jersey, I never realized that Pork Roll was an “only-Jersey” thing. Why confine something so tasty to just one state? You should really share, Trenton!


I figured that I would try to explain to you just what this mystery meat was. Pork roll is considered ‘a food article made from pork’ or “a pork-based processed meat”. While I’m not totally sure what a ‘food article’ means, or what exactly it is processed with, I can promise you it is sent from heaven. It is salty, tangy, flavorful and will cause your mouth to water in .2 seconds. To justify my point and poor description, I have included a short slideshow of the sandwich that is Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese.


Side note: If you found pork roll or taylor ham outside of Jersey/Philadelphia/Baltimore, please post here and let us know where! I recently found out it in two different locations in NYC. One being Jersey Mike’s in the Financial District!





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