Internet Facepalm: Earth is 2014 Years Old

In the rendition of Internet’s Imbeciles we have a young lady who thinks the earth is 2014 (now 2015) years old. Are you fucking kidding me?

When I first watched this video, I really hoped it was a joke. We saw this once before when another young girl, Safiyyah Nawaz, tweeted something similar earlier in 2014.

Safiyyah was immediately the center of an internet shit storm. Fortunately, this instance was intended to be a joke and she turned out to be pretty intelligent. After all the internet abusive cooled down she was able to accrue a strong Twitter following.

I really want to give the girl in the video the benefit of the doubt, but I can’t get over the fact that she seems dead serious.

She then goes on to tell viewers they need to be ‘praying to the presidents’ because they ‘gave us freedom’ ‘like woah.’ OK, what the actual fuck. I’m done.



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