Just Say No To The Circus

Growing up as a kid, I realized that I had never been to the circus, even though it came to my town each year. All my friends had gone and I really had no idea what a circus even entailed. I remember asking my mom why we never went — my parents had always taken me to cool places like Disney World, Philadelphia Zoo, etc. Why not the circus?

My mom went on to school me about how the circus promotes animal abuse and that she felt way too terrible for the animals there to pay for or witness such a thing. She said elephants were such beautiful animals, and what kind of life was that for them? At first I was kinda pissed. It’s hard to understand when you’ve never witnessed it. But now I totally get it and have so much respect for my mom for supporting that in a time when animal abuse in the circus was not given any thought or attention.

In the past 10 years, animal abuse in circuses has gained a ton of media coverage and protesters have been extremely aggressive and dedicated to making the wrong doings of the circus known. Though I do not have the resources to travel the world picketing the circus, I can express here how shitty circuses are and help expose more people to the cause.

Here are a few (among so many) examples of why you should not support the circus with animals:


Magnus the Lion

This adorable little lion cub named Magnus, who was starved and horribly malnourished in order to keep him small and cute for the photos he took with tourists. When Magnus grew very ill (OBVIOUSLY), he was taken to a vet and ordered to be euthanized.

The UniverSoul Circus Whistleblower

In 2013, a former employee who spent years working with UniverSoul Circus reported the numerous accounts of abuse they witnessed. The employee claimed the elephants were chained nearly 24 hours a day, except for when they were performing. Not only were they chained, but they were left outside without protection from extreme weather and sun exposure. The cats were kept in cages without exercise, were often very dehydrated and apparently had been declawed – which is a very inhumane and painful procedure.  More Here.

Ringling Elephant Abuse on Video

In 2009, an investigation held by PETA uncovered that the workers at Ringling Bros/ and Barnum & Bailey Circus were severely mistreating their animals. They were caught on video using hooks to pull on the elephants and striking tigers. The circus was fined $270,000 but was not banned from holding animals. Watch at your own discretion.

Cholita the Peruvian Bear

Cholita is a bear that was held at a circus in Peru. Her paws were left mangled after they were removed and her teeth were allegedly smashed out in order to stop her from harming her handlers. Aside from taking away any means of defense for the bear, the circus kept her so unhealthy that she nearly lost all of her hair. She was removed from the circus about 10 years ago and is being transferred to a sanctuary in Colorado this month.

Cirque De Soleil is much more entertaining and does not exploit animals. Try that out instead.

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