Mail Order Bridezillas: Review of “Love Me” Documentary

The “Love Me” documentary on Netflix seriously blew my mind, as well as the life savings of desperate men all over the United States. The documentary explores a group of American men and one Australian man who are all seeking marriage from a website of a mail order brides. This film specifically focuses on the website called A Foreign Affair. The owner of A Foreign Affair, John Adams, apparently found the love of his life online and overseas, and gives all of these men the hope and opportunities for them to do the same.

*Warning – There are spoilers in my review below. Whether you read or not, you should still check out the documentary! *


The group of American men was made up of five men. Robert, Ron, Eric, Travis & Bobby. Here are my interpretations of them: Robert seems like a nice guy who just really wants to get married. Ron is a divorced guy who is definitely the skeptic of the group, and definitely the least desperate. Travis is the hopeless romantic but is too shy and nervous to act on American women. Bobby is a bit of a loner who likes to be at home and play video games. Eric is a little socially awkward and definitely struggles with women, and judging by what I saw at his wedding, a terrible kisser.

The five men go on go on a tour offered by A Foreign Affair called a “Romance Tour”. This is where a group of men goes on a tour together to three cities in Ukraine. At each city they have a social with all the women in the area that sign up for this website. It was mentioned that the woman to man ratio was 11:1, with only 25 American men at each social. The men could meet the women that they previously had been messaging or talking to but are encouraged to go around and meet as many women as possible.

Ron totally isn’t feeling it the whole time and doesn’t even really dabble with the idea. Bobby has been holding back the entire trip to meet one woman that he has been talking to online for 8 months. We then learn that EACH MESSAGE YOU SEND IS $10. WTF?

Over the course of talking to this woman for 8 months, Bobby had racked up a near $10,000 bill. For messaging alone. I’d also like to point out that the woman could have provided her email so that he could talk to her cost-free. What do you know? The chick does not show up to their last social of the trip. Bobby throws a bit of a shit fit, and the guys from A Foreign Affair try to help him out by tracking her down. When he meets her, he claims he doesn’t even know if it’s really her, but STILL proposes to her anyway. I believe her answer was (given by a translator because they can’t communicate) “Let’s move in that direction”. Bobby leaves the place thinking he is engaged.  Mind you, Bobby does not think to ask the woman for her email address. He continues messaging her on the website and racking up a few more thousand dollars until he ultimately realizes it is going nowhere and pulls the plug.

Travis ends up finding a girl he really likes during the trip and planned to go back to Ukraine to propose a few months preceding the trip. When he returns to Ukraine with a ring, he is harassed for money by a loan shark and cop before he can pop the question. At least he is smart enough at this point to NOT propose but continues to entertain the idea for a while. Eventually, Travis was tired of her asking for money and that was the end of that.

Robert and Eric are the “success stories” of the trip. They meet women during their trip in Ukraine, secure visas for their new fiancés  and both finalize their marriages in the US. Eric even starts a family immediately after when his wife gets pregnant.

Lastly, there is good ol’ Michael from Australia that you sort of feel bad for at first. He is an older widow and he just doesn’t want to be alone. He meets a woman online named Svitlana who is much younger and very beautiful. She is pretty cold emotionally and seems very distant, only showing affection to her two children. Michael proposes and she accepts. They are set to get married in Bali when Michael receives a letter from someone who knows Svitlana. The letter states that Svitlana is a scammer that leads men on to think she will marry them and uses them. The letter tells Michael that she will go as far to show him a wedding dress but won’t actually follow through with it and will use him for his money. Michael confronts Svitlana about the letter and she denies it and actually proceeds with the marriage.

At the wedding, Svitlana looks like the sight of him makes her cringe and she is very cold. After Michael returns to Australia, Svitlana stops speaking to him for months. He does not take any of the hints and decides he is determined to make it work. He flies out to see her again where she expresses that she does not love him and does not want to be with him. Svitlana tells the producers that she does this to keep her options open for her daughters to grow up in a better society. I believe the anonymous letter writer was correct about this one.

This got me to thinking about how much money the guy that runs this site makes and the amount of money that is in this industry. These guys are so desperate to marry beautiful women that they do not care the price. It appears that they don’t really have the money either, but they make it work somehow. The whole thing sounds like a scam that preys on very sad and lonely men to make money. I’m sure some of the marriages work out, but why a person would pay $10 to simply message someone – when email is free and you can translate anything online with ease? Online dating has become over a $2 Billion Industry and when I think of online dating, I don’t even think of mail order brides! I think of, Tinder etc. It will be very interesting to see how this industry transforms in the future as people come up with new ways to generate revenue.



  1. Bree

    November 5, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    I don’t feel sorry for these “lonely” men who look to poor countries overseas for women. They are lonely because they only care about youth and beauty, are chauvinist and entitled about their superiority over women, and totally in denial about reality. Foreign bride scams like AFA operate out of developing, war-torn countries where you have a high percentage of the population desperate for income and/or desperate to get out. These “lonely” tricks exploit that for their own sad ends, and then feel angry and “used” that their money couldn’t buy somebody’s love. “You can’t cheat an honest man.”

  2. Maria Lopez

    February 18, 2017 at 3:05 am

    I did watch this and was alarmed at the amount of money that was spent to find a suitable bride. Was it my imagination or does dressing like a hooker is the way it is done in this area of the world?
    Being a women here and single I was struck by the comments of “wanting a woman with traditional values – ya know family before career.” I am not sure if that is just a man talking or really wanting this kind of woman. As our US economy makes it impossible to be a stay at home wife/ mom and actually this is looked down upon here. American men value youth and beauty : once that is gone out the door you go with 0 compensation. But nice try at finding “Love til death do us apart”

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