Why There Should Be #NoShame In Buying Cheap Wine

We all have at least one friend that is going to judge you when you ask for the cheapest glass of wine at the restaurant or come over for movie night with a bottle of Sutter Home. “Ew, that stuff is gross!” But is it? I’ve personally always ordered cheap wine because:

  1.  I honestly can’t tell the difference between most. I completely admit there are exceptions to this rule. After a trip to Napa, there are definitely wines that stand out above the rest. But a huge difference between most wines at your local liquor store or selection at a casual restaurant? Not so much.
  2. They don’t sell fine wine in the 1.5 L bottles.
  3. I drink so much of it that if I bought the most expensive wine I would need a new job. One glass at night before bed adds up! Bottles of wine are roughly four glasses. Two if you drink them out of a solo cup. Not that I do that….

But alas, there is some evidence that you shouldn’t really feel about this and could totally own it! Vox did a little experiment with their staff where they tasted different priced bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon. They found that the staff rated the most expensive bottle the exact same as the cheapest! The expensive bottle cost $43 where the cheapest bottle cost $8.

The Vox video goes into much more detail but ultimately, if someone hasn’t had actual wine training, the chance of them being able to tell a difference in cheap and expensive wine is minimal. People actually seem to prefer the taste of the cheaper wine! Not only that, but when wine tasters were given the same exact wine 10 times, the majority of them rated it differently each time. It seems people only rate more expensive wine higher when they are aware of the high price.

So ha, suckers! I’ll take the $35 I saved on my cheap bottle and buy 4 more!



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