NYC Frenchie Takeover

The American Kennel Club recently released their list of the most popular dog breeds of 2014. In conclusion, NYC f’ing LOVES frenchies.


While nationwide the beloved Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed, the squishy-faced French Bulldog totally dominates New York City. At anywhere from 2k to 4k a pooch, I’d like to see the total money New Yorkers spent on Frenchies the past few years. (Side note, dogs are free at local shelters)


Here’s the list of the top breed by NYC neighborhood:


Astoria: Bulldog
Washington Heights: Italian Greyhound
Upper West Side: Labrador Retriever
Upper East Side: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Tribeca: French Bulldog
Riverdale: Yorkshire Terrier
Park Slope: French Bulldog
New Dorp: German Shepherd Dog
Murray Hill: French Bulldog
Financial District: French Bulldog
East Village: French Bulldog
Chelsea: French Bulldog


It can’t take you by that much surprise. Just take a look at all the famous cuties on Instagram. Manny the Frenchie (650k followers), Sir Charles Barkley (315k followers) and Trotter (205k followers) are among the most insta-famous French Bulldogs.  Visit AKC to check out other cities.

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