NYC Wine-O’s Gather ‘Round

The NYC Winter Wine Festival is coming back to town on February 7th, with two 3 hour-long sessions. This is the closest to Napa Valley that Manhattan is going to get. Heck, with over 250 wines at the sampling tables, you may even forget the temperature outside is in the single digits.

The afternoon 3-6 PM session allows you to get overly intoxicated and still make it out to dinner after. Whether that’s a good idea or not, I’ll let you decide. The 8-11 PM evening session is for the hopeful dreamers that plan on making it out afterwards to somewhere other than their beds. If you prove me wrong, touché.

As if 3 hours of wine isn’t magic enough, queue the live music and small plates. It is located right in Times Square, which besides the floods of tourists and having to weave in an out of people like a game of MarioKart, makes for great location for commuters.


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