ray rice

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you have heard this story. Ray Rice punched his (then) fiancé, Janay Palmer, during an altercation in an Atlantic City elevator. The incident happened in February and a portion of the video was released to the media. Despite the public shaming she faced, Janay decided she would still marry Rice and they quickly tied the knot in March. In July, Ray Rice got his punishment from the NFL and was suspended for 2 games.

What the Rice family did not realize, was that the entire footage from the elevator would be released a few months later, in September 2014. At this point, the video was blasted all over the internet and television, putting the couple and the NFL under fire from the media. Within hours of the video being released, the Ravens decided to cut Ray Rice. Within a month of that, Rice filed the grievance. He was after the salary that he would have earned for the rest of the year, which was $3.5 million.

Ray rice

We knew back in January that the Ravens and Rice came to a settlement, but the financial details were undisclosed. Though he did not get the full $3.5 million that he would have gotten if he weren’t terminated, reports say Rice got a whopping $1.588 million for being wrongfully terminated.

So, in summary: Ray Rice was able to knock out his girlfriend in an elevator, have it broadcasted all over the world, and still got a wife and almost half of his NFL contract.


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