Seriously, Who is The Japanese House?

About a month ago I stumbled onto this song on Spotify’s New Music Tuesday that really stuck with me. I screenshotted it and tried to do some investigating later. The song was “Still” by The Japanese House. I began googling — who WAS the Japanese House? Some sources said it was only one woman, Amber Bain. Other sources said it was a group of 2 guys and one girl.

One thing is for sure – The Japanese House is really flying under the radar! I think I am easier to stalk on Google than this awesome band/artist/musical genius? I found the Twitter and Facebook pages for The Japanese House and I still literally have no idea what or who it is. No photos, no bios, no tour dates? So mysterious!

Either way, the music is beautiful. It reminds me of more electric/catchy Imogen Heap. Even though The Japanese house really doesn’t sound like a woman to me. I’ve posted their track Still on here before – but yesterday their EP was released. Three more songs that I really enjoy vibing to on my commute to work. Check em out!

  • Pools to Bathe In
  • Teeth
  • Still
  • Sister




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