“Slip Cup” Changes the Beer Pong Game

Frat stars all over the nation are kicking themselves for not coming up with this sooner. I know I am.

What’s the number one issue with beer pong? (Besides the fact that you might not be that good at it) Um, its repulsive! A ball that lands on a floor with hair, dust, possible feces, urine, etc. should NOT go in your drink. But hey, beer pong is fun and the handy dandy water cup makes us all feel like we are avoiding that part. Of course there are those people that simply just tap the ball at the top of the water, throw it in the water for a millisecond, or forget to use it all together. At 2 beers a game, you’re bound to get drunk quickly and start forgetting about hygiene and really just start giving zero f*cks. Have you ever been the one to clean up after several games of beer pong? If so, you realize that your water cup looks as if you just put your friends cat in a Vitamix for 30 seconds. The leftover beer cups look like the bottom of an hourglass with a nice collection of dirt coming up to at least the first indent in the solo cup.

Well beer pong players, be sceeved out no more! The Slip Cup covers your cups and prevents the ball from getting your beer dirty. You just simply slip them out and drink! To make the model better, the frat-tastic creators of slip cup also show how their cups create 15 new drinking games. Not to mention the covers also prevent your drink from spilling. You can check out the Kickstarter campaign and video demo of the product here. The numbers are climbing and the product is getting a lot of exposure. Their goal is to hit $70,000. As I write this post they are barely $3,000 away from making the slip cup a reality. You need to pledge a minimum of $15 to include the shipping of the slip cup. With 20 more days left in the campaign, I have no doubt slip cup is going to be on the market shortly.

Let the sanitary games begin!




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