Songs That Smoke: Evil Twin’s Where’s Your Head At?

In Songs That Smoke, we’ll periodically bring you a couple of tracks from DJs and producers that are relatively unknown (of course unknown is a subjective call, so I’m just going to say under 2,000 followers on Soundcloud).

I stumbled across Evil Twin’s Where’s Your Head At? remix on Oliver Helden’s Heldeep Radio #32 and I immediately paused the stream so I could add the track to my playlist. Basement Jaxx’s cut is the house equivalent of Softly, As in the Morning Sunrise — a track that pretty much every artist in the genre covers in their own style (side note for the jazz fans: Coltrane’s version is the best). Standards like these are great because it gives everyone a chance to taste each artists style tested against a standard they’re already familiar with, giving the audience a feel for exactly what the artist’s style is all about.

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