Teenager Asks Twitter to Help Him Take Friend’s Mom to Prom

One thing is for sure, this kid is going to have a pretty sweet story to tell freshman year in college.



The tweet above is the outcome of teenage Twitter user @AnthonyJPinnisi who was just looking for love. From his friends mom. Anthony aka ‘TONE’ asked his friend the simple question, “How many RT’s do I need to take your mom to prom?” The initial response from his friend was 1 million, but quick to his feet TONE negotiated for a mere 500k. This isn’t your average mom, but you already knew that.


This is how it all started –

hot mom


What happened next, I’m sure the young buck wasn’t expecting –


hot mom tweet


With a simple “Help a dude out” this kid pulled in over 75,000 RT’s before an admin at his school requested he take the tweet down. If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is. I’ve seen my share of “If this gets ‘X’ amount of RT’s I’ll do ‘X’, but this kid has balls.

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