Time Warp NYC [Event Review]

Firstly, I feel the need to come clean about one thing before writing this review – I am not a die hard techno fan – I say this because techno is not something a techno lover takes lightly. Time Warp is a world renowned techno festival that came back to the states this year. Like any music fanatic I jumped at the chance of expanding my horizons and checked it out. And I’m happy I did.

I went into this experience being a sucker for production value and good dance music. Nothing more, nothing less. I checked out the lineup and heard about the “Cave 2.0” and didn’t need anymore convincing, I knew this was a party not to be missed. If you absolutely love techno, there might not even be a need to even read further, because A) you were there, or B) you wished you were there.

The weekend started out rough, coming from a long week at my full-time gig, so I packed up my camera gear (being a part-time photographer) and prepared myself for the long haul over to Brooklyn from Hell’s Kitchen. It took a little under an hour to get to Pier 39, which wasn’t the greatest start to the night, but once I got to the location, my adrenaline started to kick in. This was not your typical location for an NYC ‘EDM show’ that I’m so used to. Remotely tucked away there are no young kids running to the door with neon bras and flashing lights. This is so amazingly refreshing. I hear the bass already and I’m down the street, holy shit, this warehouse is massive.

I check in to get my wristband and head towards the entrance. Note: there was absolutely no line when I got there either night, first night being around 10:30pm and second around midnight – which was also a nice change of pace from your average NYC club lines. Security was pleasant during searches, joking and seemingly happy to be there (I see you security!). As I’m walking towards the entrance the kid next to be, who was extremely hyped to be there, looks at me and goes “you ready?!” and of course we instantly become friends. I find out he is from France, thinking to myself that’s some dedication, this must be next level. I wish him a good night and head in.

As a photographer, when I walked through that door, it was instantaneously a love/hate relationship (dark lit & foggy with really advanced lighting is a photographic challenge). As a dance music fan, I was floored. Probably the coolest venue I’ve seen in New York City, previously being this past summer’s Brooklyn Mirage space. To the left you have the “Cave 2.0” which is known for it’s cave like ceiling and to the right you have another, more conventional stage, with not-so-conventional production. In the center of the warehouse you have a neutral area that separates the two stages with bathrooms, lockers to keep your stuff, and the VIP area. It has that festival vibe of walking to another stage to see artists, but not having to fight your way through a crowd. The lockers were clutch for keeping valuables safe. Not only do you have full control of your possessions, but you can grab your stuff whenever you please. Oh, and you can charge your phone. Take my money.

Both nights the crowd seemed much more mature, which was surprising due to the 18+ age limit. I noticed a lot of dark (mostly black) clothing and ‘techno’ related tag-lines running around. The DJs all killed it. I was hopping back and forth and it seemed they all had their own individual style and flow. The most memorable for me on the first day was Luciano and Black Coffee. Second day I really enjoyed Len Faki and Recondite. The venue seemed to fill up faster on Saturday, but both days there was plenty of room to dance and plenty of room to hang out in the back or on the side.

The festival featured the artists: Black Coffee, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Monkey Safari, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Thugfucker, Taimur & Fahad, Vangee, Nadav Vee, Shahar, Apollonia, Chris Liebing, Joseph Capriati, Len Faki, Recondite, Sven Vath, Tale of Us, Julia Govor, Ms. Mada, and Bakke.

It opened its doors at 10pm and the music played until 6am on both nights.

See below for yourself the epicness that was Time Warp.

Photography by: David Costantini

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