Tips for Visiting Venice

We recently toured a few cities in Italy and there were just some little things that I wish I would have known going into it. Here are a few of my short and simple tips for a visit to Venice. Specifically, the beautiful San Marco!


  • There are no street signs and maps do not have all of the streets on it. Your best bet is to know the general area where you’re going and follow the numbers printed on the buildings. I would definitely do some research as to where your hotel/lodging is located as it took me a bit of time! (Roughly 1.5 hours if we are getting specific).
  • While Venice is filled of mostly all tourists, there are less touristy things to do there than Rome, Florence, etc. Keep in mind what you want to do there before deciding how many days to spend in Venice.
  • The only way to get somewhere that is not in walking distance is to take a water taxi or take the water ferry. The water ferry takes a very long time to get to a very close place. It is crowded and especially filled with senior citizens (not that I don’t like seniors). It is very cheap! I believe it was 7 euros for one way or 20 euros for a day pass. Keep in mind that water taxis are pricey and will run you 80-120 euros depending on where you want to go.
  • Getting to the VCE Airport, you have the two choices listed above. However, the ferry takes close to an hour and a half and the water taxi takes about 25 minutes.  Make sure to plan accordingly with your budget and timing. While the water taxi is more expensive (ran us 110 euros), it is reliable, quick and drops you off right at the dock of the airport!
  • Skip the gondola rides and do a water taxi instead. The gondolas may seem more charming but they are far from authentic and the water taxis are great! Plus, you don’t have to feel terrible for the poor guy paddling you. They are about the same price.
  • Order a “spritz” at one of the waterside restaurants and soak in the view.
  • Everything is slightly more expensive there. Expect to pay more for your food & wine especially. There is a 10% tax applied to most things, which is understandable as everything has to come in via boat.
  • This one is for if you are Though a majority of the streets and canals are covered with shade, the sun is very hot when you are not in the shade! I suggest having sunglasses and/or a sun hat on you.
  • Avoiding tourist traps for dinner in San Marco was slightly more difficult than other Italian cities. There are some gems that I saw while doing research, but they close much earlier than the rest. Pick and plan ahead of time for an exceptional dinner.
  • Stroll through St. Marks Square after the sun goes down. It is a bit less crowded and just as beautiful. You can find people playing the accordion/live music scattered through the square. Take a bottle of wine with you too because hey, you can do that there!
  • The sun does not set on the coast of San Marco. It is blocked by buildings and the city. Make your way to the other side if you want to see a good sunset.
  • Walk around a lot and don’t be scared to get lost. Venice is like a really beautiful maze but you will always find your way back!

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